Food In Memory

My desire to make bread started when I met my (now) grandmother-in-law and tasted her delicious homemade multigrain wheat bread. Her bread was so light and fluffy while still being hearty and flavorful. All of my in-laws would fight (good-naturedly) over who would get to eat the ends or the last piece.

Sadly, my grandmother-in-law passed away this week from pancreatic cancer. Yesterday, in her memory, I made the bread that got me started on this interesting baking journey and thought about how she has impacted my life. Without her, I may never have discovered a love for homemade bread–something I take for granted almost every day.

For me, food is a great way to remember someone, whether it be a recipe they shared or a food that we both loved. It’s nourishing in so many ways to sit down and enjoy a bite of food while remembering better days. I encourage all of you to pull out an old cookbook or visit a favorite restaurant this weekend and think about all the happy things tied to the food you consume every day. I think you’ll see what I mean.


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